Mission, Vision, Values



Green Bud Wellness, is dedicated to providing qualified patients access to scientifically tested medical-grade cannabis in a safe, convenient, and affordable manner, in an environment where all are treated with respect, compassion, and care.  

We are committed to providing the community with alternative health resources in a professional and compassionate environment by offering low-cost holistic health and wellness services to anyone in need.  

We will strive to ensure that everyone who enters Green Bud Wellness experiences a feeling of belonging, community, and wellness. We will consistently serve our community, both patients and non-patients, through charitable community events and services. 



Green Bud Wellness Of Oklahoma, envisions a community-oriented medical cannabis collective that provides our patients in need with safe access to high quality medicine, holistic wellness services, and educational resources.

We foresee Green Bud Wellness Of Oklahoma serving as a leader in the community by conducting outreach activities that serve the needs of patients and under-served populations in our city.

We will strive to be seen as a good neighbor to local residents and business by engaging city and municipal leaders and serving as an example of a responsible service provider. 

Green Bud Wellness Of Oklahoma Vision


Green Bud Welness is an ethical company that fosters the trust of its patients and team members. Everything we do is geared toward creating the best experience and value for our patients.

INTEGRITY: We will be committed to being open and honest, so patients can trust our services and products we offer.

INNOVATION: We intend on creating a following of individuals, focused on continuous improvement so we can advance in the cannabis industry and this will enable us to enhance the experience for our patients.

QUALITY: We will be providing the highest quality service and products for all our patients.

COMMUNITY: We strive to improve our local communities.

EMPLOYEES: Our employees are the most valuable resource. We strive to attract multi faceted, motivated individuals and we invest in their future by growing their skills to be leaders in the cannabis industry.